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Casa Kaki Eco-friendly Apartments - Via Dosso, 33 - 37018 Malcesine - VR
Raimondo: +39 347 2207815 - Esther: +39 349 8683279

Eco-friendly Apartments

Malcesine Garda Lake

Casa Kaki

Eco-Friendly Apartments

The house

Casa Kaki is located inside the outer walls of Malcesine town in the district called "del Bec" dating back to the fifteenth century The house has been completely renovated whilst still retaining the historic features and by using environmentally friendly materials, giving our apartments a discreetly modern and comfortable feel. The structure is divided into two buildings, "Casa A" and "Casa B", which both overlook our private courtyard.

We don't just clean apartments ... we go further! Why do we sanitize with ozone?

With this treatment our apartments are healthy and welcoming for every new customer. In 1996, ozone was recognized by the Ministry of Health as an effective agent for the sterilization of contaminated environments. Ozone is sterilizing, purifying, deodorant and ecological, eliminating odors and regenerating the air in all rooms.
This sanitization prevents infections, asthma and allergies. At the end of the treatment, the ozone is transformed into oxygen and no chemical or toxic residues remain.
The ozone actions are the following:
Eliminates bacteria, mites, molds, fungi, spores, yeasts and pollen. Inactivate viruses.
Removes bad smells of smoke, cooking, animal, mold and perspiration.
Destroys volatile residues of chemical detergents

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The Garda Lake


Malcesine is a small medieval town located on the shores of Lake Garda. It is the starting point for many hiking, paragliding, sailing, windsurfing and boat trips. It also offers breathtaking views, beaches to chill out on and numerous other attractions for your enjoyment.